The New Filipino Private School has the mission to provide affordable and quality education to the children of the Filipino Community and maintain its services to the highest standard.


The New Filipino Private School envisions every learner to be functionally literate, equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge which will enable him to face with confidence the challenges of life ahead including the intricacies of global competition.  It sees its learner as an individual imbued with desirable values of self-reliance, sense of responsibility, consideration for others, patriotism and godliness.


The NFPS, like other educational institutions, aims to develop the whole person right from his childhood so that he may, in due time, become a true member and an outstanding leader of the democratic society to which he belongs.  A balanced emphasis is placed on the promotion of all phases of a child’s development, namely, his moral, intellectual, and physical growth.  Academically, the school aims to prepare the students for the pursuit of higher learning after their high school course.


Fundamental to achieving our mission are these basic values:

Working close together, we are the source of our strength. Our knowledge, ingenuity, resourcefulness, loyalty and honesty are windows through which we are judged.

This is the result of all our efforts, its reliability establishes our worth not only to our pupils / students but to the community as well.

- Pupils / students are the focus of everything we do – all our work must be   performed with the satisfaction and welfare of them in mind.  We must understand and meet their current and future needs towards the attainment of their goals.

- Continuous improvement is essential to our success. We must strive for excellence in everything we do. Quality, safety, dedication, performance and environment that encourage management / faculty / staff participation are essential to the improvement process.

- We need to establish long term relationship with our students / parents / guardians, donors, suppliers, representatives of the host country / government that are mutually rewarding and are based on loyalty, trust and integrity.

-  We offer training and seminar for our management / faculty / staff and strive to provide them challenging and fulfilling career opportunity. Growth of our institution will occur only through their growth and involvement.

- We will continue to perform according to the highest ethical standard both as individuals and as institution.

Our mission, values and guiding principles require a long term focus. Leadership throughout the organization will ensure that our thinking, feeling, action and decision are consistent with our commitment to these principles.


The New Filipino Private School is the very first Filipino School in the United Arab Emirates to be given the License to Operate using the Filipino Curriculum by the Department of Education, Manila, Philippines and Ministry of Education, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Its founders are three dynamic and self-motivated ladies, namely; Miss Aghsan Musa, Mrs. Myrtle Fernandez and Mrs. Zenaida Dizon. They were assisted by two well-rounded educators, Mrs. Luzviminda P. Corpuz, who was then the Subject Coordinator and Mrs. Lolita Irong, the Academic Chairman, together with Mrs. Anna Castillo, our School Registrar then. The school was officially inaugurated on  September 14, 1996 with enrollees of less than 200 students from Kinder One to Grade Ten.  It was initially manned by 21 well-experienced and highly qualified teachers meticulously screened from various schools in Manila both private and public.  The three buildings it used to occupy in Ramla, Sharjah was expanded to four on the second year of its operation due to the increase of enrollment.

In 2007, the Ministry of Education, U.A.E. issued a circular ordering all private schools occupying villas to either build or transfer to a school building. From Ramla, an ideal school building was offered to The NFPS, the location was perfect because it was just adjacent to it, Dasman. Its ideal location (see school-map) makes it accessible to all Filipino Communities living in Sharjah and nearby Emirates like Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah.  Since 1996 the enrollment keeps on increasing year after year. Now, on its 18th School year, The NFPS has gone a long way with 1400 students from Pre-School to High School, catapulted with the strength of 80 ever devoted Faculty and Staff.

The New Filipino Private School – Serving the country by serving Filipino children in this part of the world!






Dear Alma Mater, you’ll always be remembered

You, who mold us and guide us

And make us the best as we can be

Our school, our beloved one,

Alma Mater dear.


You give us integrity

We pledge to you our loyalty

We offer you our thankfulness

For everything we learned from you

Cause you are a part of me now

The NFPS, Alma Mater dear.



Dear Alma Mater,

The New Filipino Private School

A tribute of praise for our glory and fame.



We are the hope for tomorrow

In building our nation

Alma Mater dear, The NFPS

Will live on forever.


(Repeat Refrain)


We are the hope for tomorrow

In building our nation

Alma Mater dear, The NFPS


Will live on forever...